Portable Concrete Barriers Type 60k

Precast Concrete Traffic Barriers

PRECAST CONCRETE TRAFFIC BARRIERS. OUTLINE • Purpose of Traffic Barrier • Specifications • NCHRP 350 & Requirements • Types of Precast Concrete Barriers

portable concrete barrier standard a63a

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Traffic Barricades, Safety Barricades, Road Barricades

Get traffic control barricades & crowd control barricades at the lowest prices. Choose from a large assortment of Type 1, 2 & 3, A-Frame, Plastic, Steel, Concrete, & Water Barricades. MUTCD compliant, in stock and ready to ship.

Longitudinal Barriers - Safety | Federal Highway Administration

Longitudinal Barriers. This listing contains barriers such as guardrail, median barrier, bridge railings and transitions, that have been issued an Eligibility Letter by FHWA based on AASHTO MASH criteria.


pertinent type barrier and shall include all manipulations, labor, tools, equipment and incidentals necessary to complete the work. (1) Type A - "Portable Concrete Traffic Barrier (Furnish and Install)". This price shall be full compensation for furnishing and installing the barrier, providing hardware assemblies and making all connections.

9 Concrete Barriers

9-2 PRECAST CONCRETE MEDIAN BARRIERS Precast concrete median barriers are normally produced in a casting yard or a concrete plant. After casting and final inspection, they are shipped to the job-site and set in place.

Heavy Duty Ramps for Tractor Trailers

Heavy-Duty Loading Ramps. DiscountRamps.com proudly offers an enormous selection of the best heavy-duty yard ramps, hauling equipment, and safety products for commercial and utility applications! Our low-priced ramps are designed to help you safely load forklifts, cars, semi-trucks, bobcats, and military vehicles.

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Jensen Precast - Precast Concrete Manufacturer

Temporary Railing (Type K), also known as K-Rail or Krail, is the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) specification for temporary concrete barrier rail. Jensen Precast has been manufacturing and renting K-Rail for ...

Precast Concrete Jersey Barriers

These precast concrete jersey barriers feature forklift slots at the bottom for easy portability when used to direct traffic during road construction. Excellent for keeping construction workers safe from oncoming vehicles and designed to minimize vehicle damage in the event of a collision by allowing the vehicle be lifted when riding up on the ...

Triton Barrier® TL-2

The Triton Barrier® TL-2 is a portable, water filled barrier for non-redirective gating applications. The system consists of a number of interlocking, 6.5 ft. (2 m) barrier sections made of polyethylene plastic with an internal steel framework. The Triton Barrier® is tested to NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2.

Highway Barrier - Jensen Precast

Jensen Precast has been manufacturing K-rail and F-Rail barrier products for sale and rental use for over 20 years. We have several production facilities across Nevada, California and Arizona supporting customers for many different applications. Standard D.O.T Specifications: K-Rail and F-Rail – See Production Drawings for Details.

Questions & Answers regarding MASH Implementation Agreement

A portable barrier is a barrier that is intended to be moved to a new location at a future time. A barrier that is temporarily attached to the roadway would be considered portable if the eventual plan is to move it to a new location. Pre-cast barriers and other barriers installed

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Temporary Barrier - MnDOT Approved/Qualified Products

Portable precast concrete barrier shall be installed per MnDOT specifications. See Work Zones Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) device standards for more information. Other barrier designs will be allowed if certified by the FHWA as meeting or exceeding the MASH-16, TL-3. Different barrier designs shall not be connected together.

Durable Precast Concrete Products By Shea Concrete | (800

Precast Concrete Products from Shea Concrete, a leading producer of high quality precast concrete materials for commercial and residential projects. Durable Precast Concrete Products By Shea Concrete | (800) 696-SHEA


If portable concrete barrier (Type 60K) is to be removed after installation, "R" panels are to Reinforcement and dimensioning details for "R" and "T" Panels are similar to the Modify end of permanent concrete barrier with the

Texas-T Barriers (6’ 8” Tall)

Concrete Barriers. K-Rail; Portable Concrete Barriers (Type 60K) Jersey Barriers (11’ & 20’ Long) Colorado Barriers (5’ Tall) SCUD Bunker; Water Carrying Barriers; Texas-T Barriers (6’ 8” Tall) Alaska Barriers (10’ Tall) Enhanced Curbing; Parking Bumpers; Industrial and Wastewater. Concrete Septic Tanks; Grease Traps and ...

Low Deflection portable concrete barrier

REVIEW OF PORTABLE CONCRETE BARRIERS . Portable concrete barriers (PCBs) are the most widely used type of work zone barrier. PCBs are free-standing, precast, concrete segments that are connected to one another through various means of external connections. The segment length of PCBs ranges from 8 ft (2.4 m) to 30 ft (9.1 m).


associated with a barrier deflecting beyond the design criteria are relatively modest. In summary, when temporary concrete barriers ar e used on the edge of a bridge, the risk of the entire line of barriers falling off the deck require s that deflection limits be selected to preclude

Blast Protection | Military Security Barrier System

The DefenCell™ barrier system provides personnel and infrastructure protection in Military, Security and Environmental applications. Lightweight, man portable and non-metallic with a small logistical footprint, it is available in various flexible and modular configurations from individual positions up to complete forward bases and can be deployed rapidly, with or without engineering support.

Portable Concrete Traffic Barrier for Maintenance Operations

Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) portable concrete traffic barrier standards have evolved over the years to incorporate rail segments that are 30 ft in length and weigh approximately 14,000 lb each. While these barriers serve their function well once they are

Frequently Asked Questions: Barriers, Terminals, Transitions

Can I use a water-filled barrier on my project instead of concrete barrier? Which concrete barrier shape should we use – Jersey Barrier, "F-Shape," Constant-slope, Single Slope, or vertical? Do portable concrete barriers need to be tied down? Can I attach a channel shape or some other device to the pavement behind portable concrete barrier to ...

3 Types of Barriers You Will Find on BC Highways

Aug 09, 2018 · One of the ways we do that is by using median and roadside barriers to stop you from leaving the roadway should an incident occur. There are three types of barriers used on BC Highways: Concrete – The most common type of barrier used in BC. Concrete barriers are rigid, relatively easy to maintain and very effective.

DoD 2020.1 SBIR Solicitation

Barriers to this development include, but are not limited to, the capability to print (additively manufacture) metal heat pipes with integrated wicking, bi-metal print capability, modeling and measuring heat generation and measuring effectiveness of the resulting thermal system prototype.

DM 1610 Traffic Barriers

Chapter 1610 Traffic Barriers WSDOT Design Manual M 22-01.18 Page 1610-3 December 2019 1610.02(1) Assessing Impacts to Stormwater and Wetlands The presence of stormwater facilities or wetlands influence the choice and use of barrier systems. For example, the placement of concrete barrier may increase the amount of

Concrete Barriers - Concrete Jersey Barriers for Sale

Concrete road barricades and jersey barriers at great low prices. Durable, Affordable and MUTCD compliant. Perfect for traffic control, pedestrian protection and more. Ready to ship. Browse our concrete barriers online.

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Concrete foundations are relatively more robust than stone foundations nevertheless they also ought to be checked for cracks and taken care of regularly. Cracks in concrete foundations is often a result of h2o leakages, roots of trees pushing with the soil, shifting on the earth around the foundations, and tremors that shake the soil.

Development of a Low-Profile Portable Concrete Barrier

A low-profile portable concrete barrier (PCB) has been devel­ oped for use in low-speed [approximately 45 mph (73 km/hr) or less] work zones. The purpose of the low-profile barrier is to shield the work zone and redirect errant vehicles while improving visibility. The low-profile barrier has a total height of only 20 in.


Portable Concrete Barrier (Type 60K) Connecting Pin. Portable Concrete Barriers are utilized in construction zones where barriers will need to be relocated or trafic shifted rapidly or frequently. The connection pin for this type of barrier is a round steel pin with a steel loop welded to the top.

Jersey, F-Shape, Constant Slope, & Other Barrier Profiles

The F-Shape has been found to be more effective overall than the Jersey Shape barrier in some instances. The F-Shape is more commonly used for permanent concrete barriers. However, a few states use this shape for portable concrete barriers and it is under consideration by several others.

Anchoring and Stiffening Techniques for Portable

ANCHORING AND STIFFENING TECHNIQUES FOR PORTABLE CONCRETE BARRIERS Surajkumar Bhakta, M.S. University of Nebraska, 2017 Advisor: John D. Reid Portable concrete barrier (PCB) systems are utilized on federal

Concrete Jersey (K-rail) Barrier Wall, 10 ft. for Rent

This 10 ft. concrete jersey barrier, also known as k-rail, is ideal for use on sidewalks, parking areas, property separation, events, parks and a number of other applications. They are designed for use in highway traffic to protect against ...

Portable Concrete Barriers (Type 60K)

Concrete Barriers. K-Rail; Portable Concrete Barriers (Type 60K) Jersey Barriers (11’ & 20’ Long) Colorado Barriers (5’ Tall) SCUD Bunker; Water Carrying Barriers; Texas-T Barriers (6’ 8” Tall) Alaska Barriers (10’ Tall) Enhanced Curbing; Parking Bumpers; Industrial and Wastewater. Concrete Septic Tanks; Grease Traps and ...

Portable Concrete Barrier (60K - TYPE R)

60K - TYPE "R" TPC CALTRANS TYPE 60K PORTABLE CONCRETE BARRIER 3/8"=1'-0" K Y B-012-R g:- standard products folder ew standard product drawings\barriers\barriers.dwg DRAWING NO. DRAWN BY: CHECKED BY: DESCRIPTION: PRODUCT NAME: PO Box 602, Highland, CA 92346 909-793-7602 phone 909-793-1283 fax www.procastproducts.com REVISED BY: SCALE:


New York State Department of Transportation coordinates operation of transportation facilities and services including highway, bridges, railroad, mass transit, port, waterway and aviation facilities

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